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Tencent and their breakthroughs in Web3.0

by Blockchain Grizzly

The NFT industry is expanding rapidly that Tencent can’t stay out of it!

Tencent probó los avatares de NFT, y muchos otros proyectos de NFT lanzaron diferentes colecciones de NFT están creando una nueva ola en el mercado que está lleno de potencial.

The NFT community has been abuzz with recent news regarding Tencent’s testing of NFT profile photo (PFP) avatars on its QQ Music app. The market is heating up due to the NFT trend, leading many people to feel that NFT is actually a trend for technology giants in the Web 3.0 era.

Metagame Inc. – a startup company invested and supported by Tencent ha lanzado recientemente la versión alfa de su primer proyecto metaverso de NFT llamado MG.Land, que es también la empresa estratégica de Tencent para seguir la tendencia metaversa de NFT en la Web3.0. Con el mensaje «Un producto al servicio de la Web3.0», MG.Land pretende que todos los poseedores de NFT de todo el mundo se reúnan y construyan una fuerte comunidad en MG.Land. Los miembros del equipo de Metagame proceden principalmente de Tencent y Google, y cuentan con muchos años de experiencia empresarial en la industria social mundial.

Tencent’s ongoing investment in Web 3.0 products makes clear its intention to build an open metaworld for the community of NFT holders where they can meet new people and socialize. MG.Land now is open free for all Ethereum NFT holders, users just bring their NFT as their identity to interact and perform actions in MG.Land. With the leadership from Tencent, Metagame Inc. believes MG.Land will fully develop to become a first-class Web3.0 product soon.

Tencent have stepped into the NFT industry, which means in the near future, NFT projects will undoubtedly be the world’s technology trend, and MG.Land is the major online hub for NFT communities. Let’s join the MG.Land virtual place now to be one of the early users to catch the trend.

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